Forgive Me for Boasting . . .

A yummy review for my book, WAITING FOR GOD, in Library Journal.

See also http://www.jewishliteraryreview.com/post/2008/03/Review-Lawrence-Bush-Waiting-for-God.aspx

Leroy Hommerding - Library Journal

As editor of Jewish Currents magazine, Bush has a reputation for independent and unpretentious thought and dialog. Here, he continues that tradition, exploring factors that converted Woodstock-era nonbelievers into passionate spiritual seekers and aiming to surmise the psychological and cultural impact of the nuclear bomb, psychedelic drugs, environmental issues, and the synthesis of science and mysticism. In the book's second half, Bush probes the writings of Matthew Fox (liberal Christianity), Mordecai Kaplan (Jewish reconstructionism), and Starhawk (feminist aspects of Wicca), bringing a rational skepticism to each liberal thinker's perspective. Bush asks the right questions — of himself and of the reader — which leads to a deeper understanding of an individual's relationship with God. In the end, he senses an interconnection between life and God, one that continues to pose challenges for skeptics and humanists. Libraries carrying any of Bush's earlier titles (Bessie: A Novel of Love and Revolution) will definitely want to add this to their collections. Those having titles by Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, or Christopher Hitchens will find it continues and extends these books' arguments. For both general readers of theology and more seasoned readers looking for a convenient grappling of the issues.


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