For Better or Verse

Our rhyming poet, Henry Foner, offers this off-deadline installation of his Jewish Currents column, "For Better or Verse."

News Report: Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now!" was halted at the Canadian border in Vancouver and questioned about her intended broadcasts regarding Canada's future hosting of the 2010 Winter Olumpics.

Amy and the Elves

Who'd have thought when our Amy fair
Disembarked in old Vancouver
That she'd have her passport waived in the air
By the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover?

She thought we'd removed him out of our sight
Along with his partner, McCarthy.
But lo! and behold, when she tried to alight
They were standing there, both hale and hearthy.

So hearken, ye goodmen, fickle and fine --
Whether you're girlish or boyish --
Please caution our neighbors north of the line
Lest they behave paranoi-ish

Henry Foner


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