Make Love Not War

On September 25th, the ADL took out a full-page ad in the New York Times raising alarms about Iran’s nuclear program. Back in March, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, umbrella for more than 100 Jewish organizations, passed a resolution calling for “stepping up pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear weapons program” — and the American Jewish Congress, a JCPA constituent, went a step further by advocating that “military action” against Iran “be considered.” Not one of these groups has mustered an ad or resolution in opposition to the war in Iraq; instead, they seem to be bucking for another “adventure.”

Gevald! Ahmadinejad (cursed be his name! if only we could pronounce it!) is not the only dangerous fool playing in this game, it seems. So here's one response. Click on the six images below to enlarge them for reading. And please don't report me to any UnAmerican Committees.

The photos were taken by Bob Cartwright, who spent 16 days in Iran recently with Global Exchange. The narrative is mine (and so are the warplanes). Bob is a math teacher in New Jersey who spends his summers traveling in a vain attempt to get away from the class struggle. He is grateful that the U.S. didn't bomb Iran, try to restore the Shah to the Peacock Throne, or finance any overt wars against Iran, during his visit there.


Head of the Year

The birthday of the world. To enlarge the artwork, just click on it.

Head of the Year

While they praise God
I send out new year cards to Jews.
While they sit and stand, stand and sit in shul
I walk Wolly through the sun-splotched forest.

The dog keeps me from feeling lonely.
It's a one-way conversation with Wolly:
Sit. Stand. Come. Good boy!
But everyone else is in shul,
praising God.
Come, Wolly. Sit, Wolly.
Good boy!