Happy Memorial Day

May we fly the flag proudly, for a change, next year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and on Jan 20, 2009 we get either Obama, Clinton, (McCain?) or Gore to continue Bush's policies, bomb and/or invade Iran, piss away a trillion or so a year on the military, inform us that the ruling class really doesn't want to give us our social security benefits, continue the tax breaks for the rich, raise taxes on the rest of us, maybe provide our poorest brothers and sisters with warm housing in jail for not procuring health insurance under "Hillary care", build nuclear plants with tax dollar subsidies as the solution to global warming, while they smile and tell us how fortunate we are in electing the "good guy" (or lesser evil).

But maybe we'll get back the sense of humor that Bill brought to the country by providing untold amounts of material for Jay Leno and company! I can hear Leno now: "Bill, I absolutely refuse to allow you to use air force 1 to fly around with that bimbo! No, I didn't mean only that bimbo, I meant any bimbo!" and George Soros can also compliment us for "Moving on..."

Or maybe...Ralph will get elected and we can actually celebrate! I guess that only happens if it's 245 days until hell freezes over -- global warming here = extreme cooling down there. The heat sort of transfers from one existential plane to another...I learned that in engineering school.

Anyhow, Happy Memorial Day (or was that totally inappropriate?) Maybe I should have said "Have a mournful Memorial Day" More respectful I guess.


o yeah, in response to Bush's threats against Iran, Pelosi threatened Iran with an unprovoked nuclear attack by the US to prevent Iran from ever possessing the type of bomb we drop on them. She managed to threaten Iran in the same sentence as she criticized Bush for threatening Iran. Love that "lesser evil". ""I don't know what is to be gained by a military strike except to strengthen the president of Iran and to send up the cost of oil, but I do think that we must not take anything off the table," Israel Radio quoted Pelosi as saying." The "anything" of course means an unprovoked nuclear attack by the US. According to the Jerusalem Post, she followed it up with a demand that every other country in the world support her policy. I guess she also supports the name change of "french fries" to "freedom fries" to punish the recalcitrant Parisians. Next will be to forbid the importation or production of croissants because 1) the name is French and 2) the shape appears on the flags of many Muslim countries.

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