Oh, Malcolm!

Received the following message tonight from J Street, the new progressive, pro-Israel lobby in Washington, and forwarded it to a whole bunch of people.

"This is ugly!!

"Sarah Palin is scheduled to speak at a rally of American Jews of all stripes about the threat Iran poses to the U.S. and Israel.

"Not ONLY was she invited, but she was expected to speak alongside HILLARY CLINTON. Smartly, Hil pulled out.

"I wrote a letter to the chief organizer of the event, Malcolm Hoenlein, and told him to pull Sarah Palin from the schedule. Will you join me?"


Malcolm Hoenlein, I would note, is the long-time Jewish organizational executive who has overseen the rightwards shift of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations for the past two decades and seems to love to hold hands with neoconservatives.

As for J Street, there's a really good article about them by Nicholas Jahr in the new issue of Jewish Currents. There's also a good "Viewpoint" piece by me (if I do say so myself) about Iran and Israel and what to do. Nu, here's an offer for the new year: Subscribe to the magazine for half-price, only $15. You can give gift subs at that rate, too. Interested? Contact me directly at lawrencebush@earthlink.net. Offer runs out as soon as I cast my bread crumbs on the water on September 30. (Click on the artwork to see what I'm talking about.)


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