My Yom Kippur Ball

On Yom Kippur eve
I walk in the forest
with my little dog
And cut a new path
to the fast-flowing river
Where I admire
the upside-down trees and clouds
And feel
the rightside-up perfection
of my life.

I do not want
to sit indoors
or hear the bleating
ram's horn
The gates
are already wide open
the sky is full of sheep
And there is nothing to regret
as the sun descends
into the weeds.

published in Jewish Currents, September-October 2004
photo by Zoƫ Griss-Bush


Blogger Cyber said...

On this Yom Kippur,
what are we atoning for?
For each other's sins

On this Yom Kippur,
how are we atuning
our musical selves?

On this Yom Kippur,
how are we at-one-ing
with the universe?

12:27 PM  

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